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Sacred Library

Inspirational books and texts that propel the souls journey into awakening to TRUTH.
“Pathways for awaking into christ mind, remembering your original wholeness.”

Brought forth by the desire to share the stepping stones in my own ongoing journey of awakening. These invaluable books and texts about what it actually is to be awake, how to get there and finally realize we have never left.

Spiritual novels

Nice reads to take with you on a holiday or any kind of journey. Books with a clear spiritual message woven throught it. The kind of novel that awakes within us the desire to look further into the true nature of our own souls journey.


True life accounts of inspirational beings who have the power to shift the way we view reality and our understanding of it.

Pathways for awaking to christ mind

Metaphysical teachings and pathways specifically designed by Spirit which indeed will bring the Soul home. Courses for those students really dedicated to acknowledging Love’s presence within themselves, who are willing to take a 100% responsibility for the whole of their experience. Work their way through their own fear based patterns and through sustained practise and dedication awaken to the realisation that ONLY LOVE IS REAL. And thus remember their own innocent state of ORIGINAL WHOLENESS.